Program inPage START

Suitable for preparing a website before registering your own domain

Program START is best suited for testing or preparing website before registering your own domain.

It is seted up on a 3rd order domain and it offers the same functions for  or editing and managing pages as higher programs, however, it does not include email and  own FTP.

  • instant setup
  • free to try
  • ideal for preparing a presentation
  • without own domain
  • without email
  • not listed in our web-catalog
Price per program Price per month Price per year
Program inPage START €4
(€4.80 with VAT)
(€57.60 with VAT)
Price for NEW orders for the first year

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3rd level domain service
Custom domain FREE No
Domain Aliases No
Data traffic unlimited
Web space 100 MB
E-mail space No
FTP space No
SSL certificate Yes
Basic templates Yes
Professional templates Yes
E-shop module Yes
Languages support Yes
Customer Support Yes
Number of articles 100
Number of sections 20
Number of images 100
Number of photo galleries 20
Number of files 100
Number of folders 20
Number of products 10
Number of categories 1
On-line payments No
Shipping support No
Accounting support No
Affiliate support No
User Accounts Yes
Frontend languages Yes
Backend languages Yes
Stats Yes
Cataloging No
Edit article address No
Email mailboxes No
Max. mailbox size No
Administrative tasks Price without VAT Price with VAT
Manually change settings or passwords From 24 € From 28,8 €
Change variant from higher to lower 24 € 28,8 €

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Our tips

  • set up the START program to try it out
  • use the wizard to create your new site
  • order inPage STANDARD with your new domain
  • Transfer your website to a new domain yourself