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Find out how easy it is to create your own website

With the guide, everyone is able to create website

Easy guide

Feel free to create a website in a few steps!

Contact form

Customise your default form exactly for your needs. You can choose which items will be required and which can be omitted. The guide will help you with your first creation.


Immediately after completing guide you will see a result on the web. Then you can continue with creation of next pages, or you can use our eCommerce creation guide.

Web pages in own style

Colourful templates

Choose from hundreds of colour combinations of templates.

During the creation of your website you can freely change the appearance and choose the best combination.

All our templates are available either in desktop or mobile version, or they are fully responsive.

Graphic motives

Choose the main picture, which gives your website an original look and uniqueness.

Custom CSS styles

Improve the website with your own CSS styles. Possibilities are almost unlimited.

Manage web page easily

Web pages and sections

Create new or copy existing pages by one click. Change their order easily just with a mouse drag.

Thanks to sorting your articles to rubrics make browsing and viewing your websites more convenient for visitors as well as for yourself.

Intuitive editing

Web pages editing interface is similar to known text editors, such as MS Word.

Backup and restore

Creating automatic backups will help you not only in the beginning. Check and compare individual backups before restoration.

eCommerce - the easiest way to sell on the Internet

eCommerce website easily

Creating an e-shop is very simple and fast. The first step is to help you create an e-shop guide, which makes it easy to build an e-shop on inPage. Start selling your goods online.

Prices, VAT and sales

For each item, you can easily set the price. For the goods are automatically calculated with current VAT, which will simplify the implementation of your shop.

Are you offering special prices? It is easy to set them up. Just choose the height of the discount!


Choose the currency according to your needs. It will be appreciated mostly by your foreign customers.

Stock availability

Do you offer action discounts? Their setting is easy and simple. You just have to choose how much you want the price to be.

Variants and goods parameters

Each product can have its own parameters and options (e.g. colours or design).

At the same time, products can attach a photo gallery or add comments.

Payment and shipping

In addition to classic methods of payment such as cash on delivery and transfer to the account, your customers can use online payment through the PayPal

Order management

Simple list with the ability to filter, sort, export orders and customers.

Get the best positions in search engines

SEO supported for every page

For each page, you can set a unique URL address, together with the title and description of the page. It plays a vital role for your site to appear in the search engines.

HTML header

If you do not have filled-in headers for each page (they are automatically generated from the content), then this information is used. They appear in search results.


It is obvious that our content management system inPage automatically generates a site map. The customer can clearly show the entire structure of the site. Just to put a link on your website and everything works.

Easy statistics

Directly from inPage administration you can monitor your site traffic. For a more detailed analysis, the system supports connection to Google Analytics.

Social media

Add to your website social icons, which link to your social media sites or use the option for connecting to AddThis.

RSS feed

Thanks to your RSS feed your customers can subscribe to be notified of new articles from your website. Use opportunity to mark rubrics and articles you don't want to include in your RSS feed.

Present your services with photos and images

Pictures, photos

Pictures and photos are an important part of your presentation. Pictures can be inserted directly into the pages individually, or use the bulk upload of multiple files.

Photo gallery

Add photo galleries to your web. Galleries help your photos and pictures to be categorised and what is more, they can also be assigned to individual pages or eCommerce products.

Allow your readers access to files

Files and folders

inPage offers simple yet effective file management that you can offer visitors to download. Most commonly, they are different catalogues, price lists, forms to fill in and other documents.

Files can be sorted by folders, like placing pages in sections or pictures in photo galleries.

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